guess who's coming to asheville?!

yep. mom and dad (anita and jerry) are coming tomorrow. they should roll in sometime on friday afternoon. and if you think anyone will be excited, you should ask the dogs. cotton will be ecstatic! and barley will be because cotton is. but it will be a happy reunion for all. and then on saturday dad and step-mom (larry and mitos... need to find out how to really spell her name!) will be coming down. and when they come, so will jay's new truck. yes. his first new car ever. it is a silver 2007 fj cruiser. he's been drooling for one since they were created. he said farewell to the blue 80 series land cruiser yesterday. but it is still here in town. so he can "visit" it if he wants to. :)

and, of course, one the new car arrives, we will have pictures to share of it. and all the fun we have this weekend with our visitors. have a good weekend. i know we will.