weight watchin'

ok. so after filling up on food and me filling out surveys that ask what i dislike about my body... i signed up for weight watchers (online) last monday. so did jay. we both need to lose weight but need some sort of guidance. we don't need to lose much so we signed on up. we are using the points system and the website makes it really easy. it also has tons of great recipes and meal ideas. what is really helpful is that you are accountable for everything you place in your mouth so it makes you realize what kinds of things you are putting into your body on an every day basis. but for the first week, it has been easier than we thought. so we will see if it continues to be as easy. but it is fairly inexpensive and worth a shot. we have our first (at home) weigh in on monday. so we will be tracking that weekly. i will keep you posted on our progress. this picture was taken in may a couple of weeks before we moved. so it can serve as our "before" picture. i can't wait to send you the after pictures!!!!


Becca said...

Brad and I just decided last Monday to start watching our weight, too! I'm happy to be an extra encouragement buddy!!! Weight Watchers is a great way to go- such a balanced method!!! Good for you, chica!

mandy said...

we have been kinda trying to eat better too. you guys sound like you're going about it the right way! will look forward to the progress reports!