oh, this blog is about knitting...

so who knew life would get in the way of my knitting?  i have been knitting a lot this summer but i must say that i forget to take pictures of what i make.  so now when i give gifts i make sure that they send/post pictures of them in use.

my friend mandy recently had her 3rd baby boy.  i thought she might want a blanket, but she said she has more than enough blankets.  so she requested cute/crazy baby hats instead.  i made sweet baby vince 3 hats.  one is still too big for him (which was the plan since winter is on its way) but the other 2 fit.  i stole pictures from her facebook (with her permission, of course) so you could see super cute vince in his hats i made for him.

the baby jester hat

sweet little pumpkin

not loving the pumpkin patch.  i ♥ this picture!


Rebecca Louise. said...

The pumpkin is ADORABLE!!!!!!!!! I love it and the baby is beautiful too!

Mandy said...

Yes, we love our hats, you are very talented, my dear. Vince is honored to be on your blog too :)

Becca said...

You are too crafty! I love the pumpkin hat, too. Vince is such a cutie. :)

Hannah needs a winter hat. Hint hint... ;)

CardiffScot said...

Mandg has THREE now? I'm so behind! Cute, cute hats.