fall beauty and land cruisers

yesterday was the annual Blue Ridge Parkway Cruise.  members of the upstate cruisers meet at mt. pisgah at the pisgah inn and then we drive/cruise from mt. pisgah to mt. mitchell on the brp and enjoy all of the fall colors.  saturday was a beautiful day and i am so glad i didn't sleep the day away (which still would have been fantastic) and joined jay and the others up on the parkway for the lovely day and drive.  the dogs came along, too, and we made it a "family" affair.  we couldn't have asked for better fall weather.  in fact, all we could have asked for were less people and traffic up on the parkway.  (we blame the local news channel for telling everyone to go to the parkway on saturday.  because they listened.)  anyway, here are some pictures, a little something for everyone- views and trucks- from our day.)

at Pisgah (pre-crowds)

 all the trucks together in one pic

 the view from mt. mitchell

 the view of mt. mitchell

 see the white dot in the center in the sky?  it's the moon.

sweet babies.  both looking at the camera, thanks to jay and a bribe.


Rebecca Louise. said...

The backdrops are amazing in some of those pictures and as always your doggies are adorable!