planning the perfect picture.

you can very rarely get the perfect picture for your Christmas card without planning it.  i mean, really, how often does that happen?  i have a picture in mind for this year's card but i am planning to try to stage one as well.  and then i know i'll at least have a back up.  we have been sending out photo cards since we got married and especially since we moved.  i love the personalization of photo cards.  i love getting photo cards, too.  i love watching families grow and change year after year.

shutterfly has some great choices for holiday cards this year.  i really love all the Christmas card choices and i am having a hard time choosing what sort of card i want this year.  

we could do something fun and cute...

...or something a little more formal...

...or even something a bit more classic, with room for more than one perfectly planned picture.

there are so many options!  there are plenty to match everyone's personal style.  they even have great ideas for gifts, too, like these wall calendars.  

i don't know about you, but i plan to hop back over to shutterfly and start trying to decide on what our Christmas cards will be this year.  if you are a blogger too, check out how you can win 50 free cards this season.  http://bit.ly/sfly2010  they have "holiday" cards and cards to wish joy to those in the new year.  so if Christmas isn't quite your thing, follow the holiday card link above to see if there's something out there to fit your needs.  i can almost guarantee there is.  happy shopping!


Rebecca Louise. said...

In the UK we don't really do that so it isn't advertised as much but I love the idea too! :)