showering Maggie.

part of our most recent visit to franklin involved me helping to host a baby shower for my best friend, rachel.  rachel is the "original" best friend, though, i like to call 3 of my closest friends my bests.  i met rachel the summer before kindergarten.  26 years later, here we are, waiting to welcome her first baby, maggie, into this world.

we had a lovely turn out for maggie's shower and it also happened to be a beautiful, sunny fall day.  my cousin, angel, helped us again by providing us with pictures from our afternoon.  we enjoyed meeting sweet baby vince (who is also in another post from recent with his knitted hats on).  we enjoyed good food, fun games, good friends, and great gifts for maggie, rachel, and mark, to help make her arrival a little bit easier and a little bit sweeter.

diaper cake made by becca (rachel's sister, another best, and hannah grace's mama)

sweet petit fours

all the hostesses with the honorees

fun guessing games- how big is the belly? and how many qtips fit in the jar?

sweet gifts- i knitted the blanket in the above picture for sweet maggie

one sweet family

maggie danielle stooksbury is due november 28th.  she's seems to be happy where she is for now but i know everyone is ready for her arrival.  i'll be sure to let you know when this little bundle of joy makes her entrance into the world.  


CardiffScot said...

Sweet! Thanks for posting these, been hoping you would ever since your trip. X.

Becca said...

It really was a beautiful day! We're all waiting with bated breath. I think Mama Rachel is ready for her to get here. Yay for showering friends!

Rachel said...

It was such an awesome afternoon! The shower was perfect! You guys thought of every little detail. Thanks for showering me and Maggie and making us feel so special!

syeds said...

I am an outsider. but i feel like you are just friend to me who helped me to make my baby shower party more memorable. Thank you.

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Rebecca Louise. said...

What a LOVELY shower and the cake is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep us updated when she has the baby!