so behind....

okay. so i am going to have a blogging marathon this weekend. i am so so behind. july was a busy month of working and travelling and this and that. i am aware that this is no excuse. so, while i have some spare time, i am going to blog. a lot. some things even happened in june. of course, if i didn't tell you this, you wouldn't know, but anyway...

last week we went to nashville/franklin to visit with family and friends and celebrate my birthday (29 for the first and only time!) and we had a wonderful visit. it wasn't super relaxing. there was always something to do and somewhere to go, but all in all it was a good week. we drove down in our new 100 series land cruiser. and we took the dogs. (which may have been a mistake.) and we came back with a little uhaul trailer filled with a free lawn mower, the rest of our couch, and my/our christmas ornaments, jay's 3-ton jack and jack stands, some flowers from my grandmother's house, and a few other various items. we both came back with fresh hair cuts. i came back with a fresh face, too, thanks to lauren and her chemical peel (more on that later).

my mom and dad's house is beautifully landscaped in the front and back and their yard backs up to a huge corn field. that was where the girls (cotton and barley) headed most days to do their business. so, while they were busy, i snapped a few shots of my parents' backyard. when they moved in 11 years ago, they had no trees, no patio out back, no hot tub!, and hardly any flowers. it's amazing to really see how much everything has grown and become established. here are a few pictures from the yard.

the stepping stone with paws mom made before we moved

a visit from the baby hummingbird

crepe myrtles


the "oasis"

some corn, where the girls go :)

on the outside looking at the back of the house

two sweet "sisters"

barley waiting on her sister to hurry up


anita said...

We enjoyed having ALL of you stay here while in town! Thanks for taking the photos of the flowers, etc., and your nice comments about them. The "girls", what can I say, except you got to love them!!!
Looking forward to next time!