a day for "fourwheeling...'"

...and when you say "four-wheeling" you must pronounce it "frelerin" as harley would pronounce it. i don't know how he says it the way he does. but it's pretty cute. so sunday started out with a pancake breakfast at our house. matt and alicia and steven, kelly, and harley came over for jay's delicious pancakes. we leisurely looked through the paper and then slowly made our ways on getting more awake for some four-wheeling. andy and ashley made it, too, and after all was repaired and working on the jeeps, we were off. we went to locust grove/tracy grove/courtney lane and spent a good couple of hours up there. it is a relatively short trail, but technical, and with one large mud hole (that the jeeps made larger). but just past the mud hole is "the rock" with a fabulous view.

and so it begins...

(yes, i am aware i posted pictures of different jeeps)

and so it ends...

left to right: jay, stacie, ashley, andy, matt, alicia, kelly, steven, and harley

of course, i couldn't forget pictures of the land cruiser. it is a 1985 fj60 series. it is now a 2 owner vehicle and it very good condition for its age. we opted to not take it through the mud, although, it did not leave the trail clean.

at the end of the day, we celebrated teresa's birthday (alicia and steven's mom) at steven's house. steven grilled out steaks (the best one i have had in a long time) and we all relaxed in the backyard. harley was jumping off the back bank, very bravely, and after taking a break, he realized he had a little scrape on his knee. he was a bit teary, but trying to be brave, and after opting to not have the paramedic look at it, he settled for the nurse. so harley sat next to me in the glider and we had a discussion about his injury that went something like this...

harley: look. i have bleed on my knee.
stacie: oh. i think it'll be okay. look... i have a scrape on my finger (fyi, lost a battle with a fork in the dishwasher). i bet yours looks like this tomorrow.
harley: yeah. me too.
stacie: do you think you need to see the doctor? it's just a little scrape.
harley: yeah. it's just a little bleed. if it was a lot of bleed then you would have to go to the hostipal. and if you have bleed all over your face, then you would really have to go to the hostipal.
stacie: yep. you're right. you think maybe we should clean your knee up. (at this point, he is covered in so much dirt, he is a very light, dusty brown.)
harley: maybe it would feel better with some ice.
so i go to get him a piece of ice and wrap it in a paper towel and put a little bit of water on that so it is nice and cool. i bring it back to him and as we glide, he places the ice on his "bleed" and cleans it off pretty well, stating it feels better, then proceeds to unwrap the ice and clean his leg, which basically made his dirt-covered leg into a mud-covered leg. so he gets all done with this and then squishes all the skin on his knee up and says...
harley: look (skin all squished up and wrinkled), now i have old knees (with a grin on his face)
ah, to be four again. so we finished the evening with a walk and closed off a great weekend.


Kate Hollis said...

Sounds fun & adventurous! Hope you have a great week!