a day for projects

we have had a lovely weekend. part of the lovliness is in part to the lower temperatures outside. (i am sure those of you in tn are enjoying those, too. i am happy to say ours will be lasting all week...) the other part was because it was filled with family, friends, and progress.


okay. so no painting happened this weekend- for a few reasons. 1. i personally thought that $25 per gallon of paint at lowe's was way too much. 2. you can get your paint colors matched at wal-mart and save about $10 per gallon. nice, right? 3. no. the paint guy/girl/person never came to the counter. kelly was with me and she used the phone to overhead page someone to paint at the desk 3 times. then after one of the numerous employees who walked by actually stopped, she overhead paged with a very loud, angry tone in her voice. no help. finally, some lady comes and i ask her if she can match paint (since the codes to match the colors are in a notebook somewhere). she said she didn't know how to do it. at this point, we had been there for about 30 minutes. i decided it was just not in the cards to paint my house. project abandoned.

larry, jay's dad, came down for the day to help out with some projects. they were very busy in the yard. they cleared off our back bank of the mostly dead sod (although it would have come out next year). then they cleared out the front landscaping bed, and as they put down some weed blocking fabric, they pulled up the juniper bushes that windsor-aughtry thinks looks nice for landscaping. (not so much). so it is on the back bank to make some nice ground cover. we also bought some decorative grass to plant in between the juniper. and that is also where grandmama's trumpet vines will find their homes. the outside is shaping up.

so what did kelly and i do with our day? we finished sanding the rust off of a wrought-iron table given to us by kelly's (step) father-in-law, kenny. after sanding we spray painted it. in between the sanding and washing it and painting it, we took time for some pedicures on the back patio. we painted lots of things! :)

the evening finished itself at matt and alicia's house for a cook-out. we had hotdogs, potato salad, baked beans... typical cook-out food. and their across-the-street neighbor, joyce, made a delicious banana pudding (like my mom makes). it was a great day and a great night.