a day in the life of dave

it must be nice to be a cat. dave spends his days, well, the better part of his afternoons chasing the sun. and by chasing, i mean sleeping in the sun and then moving slightly as its angle through the window changes. he is, in fact, doing this very thing right now. and he cannot be bothered while he is sunning, either. the dogs can stand over him. no big deal. you can open the door... he might oblige you and move out of your way, or he may just let the door shove him a bit. no big deal. it is what he does every sunny afternoon. like i said, must be nice. (and yes, he is currently shaved right now... it is why he looks so skinny.)

i think he was wondering why i took a picture in the middle of his bath.

if you look closely above dave's head, you can see cotton's foot. no big deal.


Kate Hollis said...

I remember Dave when he was just a kitten! Boy, he's grown! If I could be reincarnated, it wouldn't be so bad to come back as a cat. Rest, relax, eat. Nobody cares if you have an attitude.

Hope all is well!