marshall family reunion

jay and i spent the weekend in kingsport, tn, hanging out with family on friday and saturday, in the hot shade. we were there for his mom's side of the family's annual reunion. the reunion is usually scheduled in july to coincide with kingsport's big funfest http://www.funfest.net/, but they decided to move it up to last weekend so the weather would be cooler. who knew a year in advance that the heat would come on the same weekend?! it was 98 degrees outside but uncle larry's porch, which is covered and includes fans, helped to make it a little more bearable. we ate good food and had a great time catching up with family. let me introduce you to some of our family:

jay's mamaw stella

little cousin dacota

from left to right: cousin barbara, her husband phillip, jay's uncle rick

little cousin nathan, dacota's big brother

the new puppy, peyton mcmanning

cousins christopher, scotty (dacota and nathan's dad) and jay

great uncle kyle (stella's brother)

the brave souls who sat on the open end of the porch

uncle larry

one of the other popular annual events is the "young bucks vs. old farts" golf match. this year the old farts were the winners. barbara was trying to get the men to behave long enough for a picture and jay decided to sit to take his... this was the best we could do. :) the younger guys and some of the kids were also having a good time playing "horse" after it cooled down a bit (you know, to like 90 degrees). larry has a great yard and house to host the event. (too bad God's air conditioning for outside is only winter.)

if the young ones could have stood still....

playing basket ball in the driveway

the porch
jay and i left late saturday night so we could pick up the dogs from their play days at sparky's. they are still recovering from their weekend. (i love puppy naps!) on sunday, jay's mom, pam, stella, and rick came over for a quick visit at the house and then we took them up on the blue ridge parkway to the pisgah inn and enjoyed some good food and cooler temperatures. the laurel is in bloom and the rhododendron are beginning to bloom and made for some pretty scenery. http://www.pisgahinn.com