doctor dogs!

no, it's not halloween... but we did decide to play dress up. harley was over and we had a good time playing with the dogs. inside and outside. but, as the girls love to wear clothes, they decided to be doctors. (no, this isn't what they will be for halloween... they will be something else for halloween. they may even coordinate with harley.) speaking of harley, here is a picture of the little cutie...

we were playing with the dogs' tug-of-war/make-shift rope toy that jay made... it is out of an old scrub shirt. so i found some extras so the dogs could play dress up.

wouldn't you feel assured if they walked into your hospital room?! you would get excellent treatment, some extra licking, a giant lump in your lap, and some left-over fur. what else could you ask for? but anyway, the girls love playing with harley and he loves playing with the girls. in fact, this is the effect on cotton and barley after playing with harley... and for it (and other things), we love him.


Kate Hollis said...

Maybe a stethoscope around the neck would make the look more convincing? What characters your furry babies are!

Mandy said...

Aw, you know how I love dogs in clothes! Miss you!