...as is...

i know i have promised pictures of the house since we moved in.... and i have some pictures. just be aware that we have been slacking up some on the unpacking of boxes and still have not hung up any pictures, as we are waiting to decide about painting first. but, this is our house from front to back. consider this your "tour" that will look better the next time you see it! (and, of course, there are some pet pictures, too, showing off their favorite parts of the house.)

our humble abode (today is a beautiful day!)

we thought we would add a little humor to everyone's visit (read the doormat)

the living room (not normally so unkempt)

the dining room (aka dog and box central)

guest room (catch-all room)

the office (most of those boxes are empty.)

the laundry "hall" (with door leading to garage)

the kitchen

master bedroom

the man room, i mean, garage

our little plants... basil and marigolds. helping to keep the flies at bay.

our back patio, complete with his and her adirondack chairs which jay assembled and i stained.

appropriate door mat for the back door

new bones. the dogs favorite part of the house.

dave showing you where he likes to lay in the sun :)


Mary Michael Conkin said...

Hey guys! We love your new house. What an exciting time making it your own. We hope to see it in person soon!

Patrick said...

Love you new house, and loved your "we've moved card too! Thanks for the pictures you sent, we got a huge laugh at them!!!

L said...

Hi Guys,
The house looks great. Let us know the next time you are over our way.

Lezlee, Jon, and Caleb

MaggieSmith said...

2 dogs, Stacie????? How does Dave feel about this - afterall, it's all about Dave. Congratulations on your new house. It's really pretty.