tubing at cataloochee

so last monday, (mlk day), we decided to drive to maggie valley and visit cataloochee ski resort. jay tried to talk me into skiing, but i declined. just not quite ready for that yet. so we went tubing instead. and not like we tubed the previous time. it was well organized and a much longer run than the previous place we went to. so here are some pictures of our fun in maggie valley.

here is an upclose view of the tubing run. there are four "slides" and someone up top making sure the bottom is clear before the next 4 people have their turn.
here is the picture of the full run. and you can see in the left of the picture the "magic carpet" to take everyone back up to the top.
ok. here is stacie, kneeling behind her tube, ready to go. jay was a very good photographer that day. much better than stacie. (you will see soon.)
she is going, going....
going... going.... going...
and she made it to the bottom.
so right when it was almost jay's turn, they turned on their snow-maker. so not only did the sun make it hard to see who was up top, the "snow" didn't help much. but he is over here in the left lane, on his way down.
he made it midway... this lane was fairly slow. (the far lane on the right was the fastest.)
and he finally makes it to the bottom. we had a ton of fun that day and the dogs did too (they spent the day at sparky's.)