knitting projects

i should be taking pictures of everything i have made, but i have not. so maybe those of you who have received gifts (erin, samantha, lindsey, and haley) can send pictures of their scarves. even maybe them wearing them... when it gets cold again. but here are some things i have made recently. most of them will be hopping aboard an envelope or a box and heading to tennessee or south africa. but i thought i would share what i have made so far (since the title of this blog is knit3purl1.)

my scarf that has kept my neck very warm already this winter.

a sweet, pink chenille baby hat that will hopefully fit sweet (cousin) bailey. it will soon be headed to knoxville to find out.

a lovely yellow (lemonade) scarf that will be travelling overseas to south africa, in time for winter in cape town. it will be keeping ashley toasty when the winds blow.

mom/anita/mimi's scarf. (she has many names.) it will be heading to franklin soon... in time for the cold weather that is coming the end of this week.

my first patterned dish cloth. these knit up quickly and i am making them and taking a break on scarves.
but if anyone would like a scarf or dish cloth for gifts or for any purpose, with enough time and planning, it can be arranged. i am taking orders for christmas already! :) (just ask regina to show you her blue scarf come december!)