b is for barley's 1st birthday!

ok. barley officially turns ONE tomorrow, the 15th. but we don't have the luxury of both being home tomorrow so we celebrated a night early. like she even knows what is going on! but we do. and we celebrated cotton's first birthday, and will enjoy her second one coming up, so barley got her turn tonight. so, in celebrating, here are a few pictures of barley's first year.

barley has always been one to not look at the camera. and she has always had huge feet.

sweet baby barley sitting in her mimi's flowers. she is as big as the lillies!

hanging out at mimi's feet. sweet little barley blended in with her pants.

cotton and barley sharing barley's baby bed. cotton always kept trying to lay in it.

finally... a halfway decent picture of our little sweet brown bear.

she loves to stretch out on the bed. this is after we moved as she "helped" unload boxes.

barley now sharing her big bed with little dave. such "good" friends.

christmas barley! she wears more than antlers, these days.

watching for squirrels.

happy birthday, barley!!!!!!!!


Becca said...

I love it!!! Her hat is adorable! That is one fine lookin' chocolate lab. :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY BARLEY!!! Just 3 more years to go until you're sane!