let it snow! let it snow! let it snow!

after we made it back, we decided to play in the snow a bit. so we drove north a bit and went snow tubing at wolf laurel (one of the ski resorts up here). now, this area wasn't so resort-like, but this is where their tubing is, so we had a good time freezing our rear ends, and the rest of us, off. it was only 13 degrees outside... in the day time! and with the natural snow and the freshly made snow, there was plenty for playing!

waiting to get checked in! it was so cold and i can't even count how many layers i had on.
jay, waiting. that is obvious, huh? just look at all that snow!
on the way down! you go much faster sitting than lying down. but either way you have no control on your direction.
climbing the hill the easy way.
jay's turn down the hill. he moved so fast it was hard to capture.

there he goes. the hill isn't long, but it was extremely fun just the same.
the "easy" ramp wasn't running this time. jay (and others) had to walk up.
stacie trying to pose in her tube at the bottom of the hill... but the snow machine and the wind were causing some problems!

needless to say, it took awhile for our bodies to rewarm. but we finally did thaw out. just in time to pick up the girls from sparky's. they had a great time playing in the snow, too. but we wanted to see for ourselves so we went for a drive the next day, back up north a bit to one of the rest areas and overlooks to get some great pictures of mountains and to let the girls play in what snow was left.

the girls had a great time running and playing in the snow. although don't let the pictures of barley fool you... she really doesn't seem to care one way or the other about the snow. cotton was very excited and barley just followed her. on her own... it was just something cold on her feet. haha typical dogs. but jay and i enjoyed playing in the snow and the views of the mountains that the snow seemed to transform. it has been a lovely scene over here.


Becca said...

I wanna see Barley and Cotton snowtubing. :)