fall foliage, part one

i think we're about a week from "peak" season but it's a beautiful time of year in the mountains.  yesterday was the annual drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway for Upstate Cruisers.  we had a small group meet at the pisgah inn for brunch and then we rode from mt. pisgah to mt. mitchell.  aside from some blustery wind, the weather was perfect and the scenery did not disappoint.  the pictures speak for themselves.

at the inn

just north of mt. pisgah

the view of craggy pinnacle from the visitor's center- look at that flag whipping in the wind

one of the many tunnels on the brp. can you see it?!

the view from the visitor's center

the view from mt. mitchell

it was a chilly 47 degrees at 2pm that high up- i'd hate to know what the wind chill was as it was gusting 20-30mph yesterday.  brrr!

reserves training

i never get tired of these views!


anita said...

I never get tired of those gorgeous views either!!