july is turning out to be a busy month for jay and myself.  we are moving.  again.  and that's only a small part of our transition...

i have signed a contract and have taken the Head Nurse position at Christ School, a local boarding school here in town.  part of my salary includes our housing.  we will be living in a 3 bed/2 bath apartment off the Wellness Center, which is where i will work.  we can take 2 four-legged animals with us.  so the dogs will be going.  sweet dave needs a new home.  know anyone who wants a sweet kitty?  (declawed, neutered.)

we put our house up for rent- it went on the rental website on a saturday, had an interested renter by monday, she saw it on tuesday, and a contract was signed the end of that week.  i had no idea it would happen so quickly, but i am so relieved that it did.

so if the blog is slow-going for awhile it's because i'm busy with work at the hospital (7 more shifts!) and school, packing up my house, and getting ready to move to a new home, new job, and new community at an all-male boarding school.  going from new moms & babies to teenage boys will be a transition enough!

This is the chapel at school.


Campus map... click the picture to enlarge and find the Wellness Center (our new home!).  (All those trees exist, too, as they are in this picture, only more beautiful in real life!)


Rebecca Louise. said...

Sounds like a lot of fun changes ahead!

anita said...

Can't wait to come and visit!!!!