here & there.

jay and i have done a bit of traveling over the last two weekends.  we went to nashville for a wedding- our friend angie got married june 5th.  she was in our wedding and jay was an usher in hers.  it was a quick but good trip back "home."

angie is on the far right.  (couldn't resist posting one of our pics!)

this past weekend we went to kingsport.  it was time for reunions on both sides of the family.  it was a busy weekend but without the long drive.

we did not take a lot of pictures at either event, but i'll post what i have...

fancied up for angie's wedding (i did have on make-up... i think i sweat most of it off... outside wedding at 6pm.  it was only 96 degrees F!)

must be blurry because it can't handle the "hunka hunka burnin' love" (what the chalkboard says) 

the flash darkened the view of the happy couple cutting into their cupcakes... check out the icing!

aunt pam took this for me... and didn't tell anyone she was taking it. 

cousin couples- gurnee & amber with me & jay

and just because you love them...
sweet pets
 dave enjoying his bed

 cotton gazing out the window

barley knocked out for a nap

it's been a busy june and summer is just beginning!


Rebecca Louise. said...

love the dress you wore to the wedding. Anything yellow is awesome! :)