tan in a can.

this summer i have had little time to relax by the pool in our neighborhood.  (not that it would probably be very relaxing with all the kids running around- but still...)  anytime i've been off it's either rained or been cloudy or i just haven't had the time.  i am working on a decent farmer's tan but i really can't stand to be pale in the summer time.

i've found a new solution to my problem this year that is cost-effective and safe.  banana boat's spray tan- it isn't streaky and doesn't turn your skin orange either.  it's inexpensive and long-lasting.  check it out if you're feeling pasty and pale!  it's been my favorite product of the summer.


Rebecca Louise. said...

ooo yes! I swear by stuff like this in the summer!

anita said...

I'll have to give this a try! I too have a nice farmer's tan!