it's coming on Christmas...

jay and i had a great time this year picking out our tree.  we have enjoyed a live tree every Christmas since being in our house.  this year we went to Boyd Mountain Tree Farm to pick out our tree.  we went last sunday on a lovely (freezing cold) snowy day.  when we got there Santa himself* informed us of the way it all works: should you be super adventurous, you can take a saw with you and find and chop down your own tree.  um, no thank you.  next option- you still venture up the hill to and find your "perfect" tree and then someone will come and cut it down for you.  then they take it down the hill/mountain for you and bundle it up.  you then head back down the hill/mountain and enjoy some hot chocolate or hot apple cider (while you pay) and some sweets and warm up under the heaters in the tent.  then,when you are ready, they will tie it onto your car.  it was muddy and cold but it was really fun to find our tree where it had been growing for the last few years.

they also have cabins on the farm that you can rent.  this is one we passed on our way.

jay up ahead...

if this is the view to the main house, imagine their view from it.

our "perfect" tree

we posed with the chain saw- we did not get to use it.

our tree being cut down... stay tuned to see it in our house.


Rebecca Louise. said...

That is such a nifty way to choose a tree!

anita said...

I'm sure it's beautiful!! Can't wait to see it!!