i love flip flops.

who doesn't love flip-flops in the summer time?  if you just answered "me" as in "i don't" then maybe we shouldn't be friends.  just kidding.  seriously, though, they're easy, usually fairly inexpensive, and a fabulous excuse for getting pampering pedicures.  and it's a fashionable way to be almost barefoot while still meeting the "must wear shoes" requirement of almost every existing establishment.  

don't even ask me to count how many pairs i have.  and while sandals are not the same as flip-flops, between the two, i have way more than i need, i'm sure.  i have a few cheap pairs from old navy, a few old, yet comfy teva flip-flops, my favorite chaco flips (and a pair of sandals), a bejeweled pair of havianas from my travels to brazil that i purchased from one of our portuguese interpreters, dressy flips/sandals... and my newest pair that i love already:

could they be any cuter?  can you tell what's on the ribbon? why, yellow labs, of course.  i love that they are neutral in color and the soles are a dark barley brown with sweet yellow cottons on the ribbons.  my friend shirin was kind enough to order them for me when she placed her last order at l.l. bean as she gets free shipping and sales tax. (and free monogramming, but as i have my own personal monogrammer, i.e.  mom!, i don't really see a need for that.)  want to check out these flip-flops for yourself?  these aren't the only patterns/colors, either.  just click super cute flip-flops and see them for yourselves.  

do you have a favorite brand or style of flip-flop?  i'd love to hear.  happy summer!


anita said...

Love the "newest" pair of flips added to your collection!!!

Rebecca Louise. said...

I have always loved flip flops! Just the sound and the way they can be accessorised is great as well. I have recently ventured away from flip flops and into gladiator sandals - basically flip flops with zips at the back to fasten.

Love them too!

Becca said...

LOVE them! I have the chocolate lab pair that I ordered last year. They are so cute! :) I may have to get a yellow lab pair now. I love my chacos, too.