blue ridge parkway

we took a short trip up on the parkway yesterday in the fj40.  there was a rockslide on the southbound side so it was closed 6 miles up from our starting point, but it was still a nice drive.  (for those of you who know, that's the side that goes towards mt. pisgah.  they say one lane will be open by july.  i guess we'll see.)  it was a little bit cooler up there, but we really didn't get high enough to notice a difference.  the laurel and rhododendron is blooming, too.  we're hoping to get up to craggy pinnacle soon and hike and see all the flowers. maybe next week.   can't complain, though.  yesterday was a beautiful day.


Rebecca Louise. said...

One word: lush!

anita said...

Hopefully the road will be clear when we get there!
What a beautiful day!!!

Regina Dennis said...

Beautiful pictures. I bet you had a great day. Thanks for sharing pictures. We want to come back and go on the Blue Ridge Parkway!