fetch (v.)to go or come after and bring or take back

barley's not the best at fetching.  i mean, she is a labrador retriever, you'd think retrieving/fetching would be something she'd be good at.  well,  she will often go and stop.  or she will go and bring halfway back.  she's finally starting to get better at the going and bringing all the way back.  for most of her life she hasn't had a choice because cotton is always the (dominant) one who controls the fetching.  although now cotton seems to be distracted (by eating grass and smelling every single smell in our yard) and so barley gets her chance.  and she's so cute when she fetches. 

off she goes

(doesn't our cypress look good this year?)

and we made it halfway back.  let's try again.

yeah barley!  here she comes!

let's try again...

and guess who fetched this one?  yep.  i did.

i ♥ her sweet face!

go barley!


Rebecca Louise. said...

why is she so darn cute. You have the greenest lawn! :) ... just an observation haha.

anita said...

Yeah Barley!!!