new reality tv addiction

this year i may skip watching american idol. *gasp!* i just don't know how much work i can ask my dvr to do. i am totally into watching a (new to me) reality show. it's completely inspiring and proves that if you put your mind and heart into it, you can accomplish your goals. i started watching the biggest loser about midway through the last season and i found myself pleasantly inspired.

the contestants work out every day, learn healthy eating habits and not only a new, healthy lifestyle but they also come away with a new outlook on life. they battle the weight and what was causing them to gain it. they work so hard and it made me realize that i have no excuse when it comes to not wanting to work out or complaining about that extra 10 pounds i carry around. i can't wait to get rid of this cold/infection/whatever so that i can get to the Y (which we joined right before the snowstorm, Christmas, and the sinus/cold infection from hades) so i haven't even been yet. i haven't been officially tracking points during the holidays and have maintained my weight without exercise. yeah! but i am ready to get back to it and come away with some good, healthy workout habits. and i plan on watching the biggest loser when it starts back, too, to inspire me to keep going! fyi... the new season starts january 5 on nbc 8/7c. :) i encourage you to watch it, too.


Becca said...

Brad groans whenever I watch biggest loser b/c it's such a long episode, but I'm always so amazed by how much weight they lose! It's very inspirational. I'm glad you're on the band wagon!