frolicking in the frosty firmament

cotton wants to know... what would a foot of snow make you want to do?

-stay inside in the warmth

-sip hot chocolate or hot peppermint tea or, better yet, peppermint hot chocolate

-find gloves, hats, fleece, and down jackets galore and go play in the snow

or how about all of the above?

or you can do what she and barley did...

-have a full-force wrestling match

-grab cotton in a barley headlock

-search for (snow) balls thrown by their owners

-really wish you could find that ball

-walk in snow up to your chest

-make sure your feline brother doesn't miss out on the snow action

-finally find that ball

-come charging, full-force, when your mom calls (really focus on barley)

-play with your friends

-or happily by yourself

-are you watching? here's what cotton would do...

-make labrador angels!

-and bury your face in the snow.

-get ready to attack the snow balls

-get some belly-scratchin' lovin' by your owner's snow recliner!
that's what cotton and barley would do. how about you?


anita said...

Way too much fun... I do believe I would have to play as well and have some hot tea before AND after being in that much SNOW!!!