[these are] a few of my favorite things...

i am sure you go through times when you have something you are using that becomes a favorite... be it a room fragrance, a cleaning product, a personal care product... something, i'm sure, becomes your favorite. and if you are like me, these favorites change from time to time, but some things will always remain... here are a few of mine right now.

goody pontytail holders: unless someone gets super creative, these are my new, and all-time favorite elastics.

schick intuition razor: i love my razor, too. i even tried to change to one that has less expensive blades. can't do it.

caldrea cleaning products: this stuff is great. it smells good, cleans well, and is fairly eco-friendly. it lasts forever, too. you can check out their products on their website here http://www.caldrea.com/. my favorite fragrance was/is citrus mint ylang-ylang, which i don't see anymore, so it seems like i might be in search of a new favorite when i reorder.

what are some of your favorite things?


Brad and Becca said...

I like the pineapple nutmeg caldrea products. It smells fresh and clean. I've also become a fan of Mrs. Meyers Clean Day and Bumble and bumble hair products. The goody pony tail holders really are the best. Our favorite dog food for the girls is Blue Buffalo Lamb and Rice. They love it and Aggie doesn't have allergy problems anymore.