3 years ago today...

... i/we was/were a bit busy.

it was a lovely day. filled with getting ready...

thanks, julie, for the hair and make-up!

we did see each other before the ceremony so we could do pictures and not make our guests wait after it was over... jay patiently waited and i was surprised to see his clean-shaven face.

the day flew by and soon it was time to get lined up for the ceremony.

yeah! we're married!
the receiving line seemed to last forever, but it was a great time to make sure we saw and spoke to everyone who came.

first (and only, ha!) dance.
i know dad was excited for his dance, and to wear his blue tie.

i loved my cake. publix made it. the flowers on top doubled as my throw-away bouquet. too bad the only taste of it i got was a smear of icing that just happened to make it into my mouth. jay's cake was from publix, too, fashioned off a dora the explorer cake, it was made into a mountain with our hikers cake topper, who, truth be told, were just too big for "my" cake. :) (proceed to scroll...)

my uncle steve is the best cake cutter ever. my aunt regina helped with the plates! :) love you guys.

and now it's time for the portraits... i am not going to put them all on here, but here are some favorites from the day. (our photographer, matt mcbride sold us our pictures and the rights to them, so that is why you are getting to see all of these lovely pictures.)

i loved, still love, my dress. it was the only one like it at the time and i am so glad i found it. i thought i would like what i had originally picked out for the girls, but when they tried them on, they were not very cute and/or flattering. so they found these blue ones, which the color i love, and this is the end result.

we were grateful to Fr. Chris for coming from VA to perform our ceremony. our current priest moved to FL about 6 weeks before the wedding.

i loved everything about that day. it has certainly been fun to relive it in pictures today.


Lezlee Dice said...

That was a beautiful day. Did I ever send you the pictures I took?

anita said...

What a beautiful day indeed! What a nice way to remember on your Anniversary and sharing with all to see. Thanks for the memories!! Love you both.

Brad and Becca said...

Such a beautiful day! You were (and still are) a beautiful bride!

Rebecca Louise. said...

I hope you had a brilliant anniversary! You both looked gorgeous in your pictures xxx

Rachel said...

Your pictures are so beautiful! It was fun looking through them again. Happy Belated Anniversary!