land cruisers and labradors

last saturday was the annual meeting of the upstate cruisers, which is an association of land cruiser/toyota owners who love, well, you guessed it, land cruisers. we went to the meeting last year and had a great time and were looking forward to this year's meeting. the meeting is held at aunt sue's in south carolina, and each tasty calorie i/we consumed was worth every pound we didn't lose last week. (and, if we are being honest, jay stayed even with his weight and i lost 0.2 lbs, which is pretty much staying even, so it wasn't a total wash.) definitely check out their website... and if you come visit and don't mind a little drive, we'll be happy to take you there. :)

we took the dogs with us this year, too, and their lab friend, ramsey, was there as well, and they kept themselves busy sniffing everything, playing with sticks, running from here to there, and begging for love. oh, and did i mention the creek they found? (thanks, dad, again, for the rubber mat in the back of the cruiser... it comes in handy with wet dogs.)

the cruiser on the far right is a recently "renovated" fj55, aka "iron pig"

an old, beautifully redone fj45

oh, our fj80.... the blue beast

cotton enjoying the creek, after obtaining what appeared to be my permission to get in (she wouldn't get in until i walked her over and told her she could. barley, on the other hand, had already been in twice with ramsey)

ramsey... who really wanted that branch


anita said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend with the cruisers/labs!