taking time to smell the roses

update!!! here is the picture of my rose from my mammogram. (after it recovered from being wilted.)

today i had my first mammogram. it had a few unpleasant moments, but was not that bad. my physician felt that with my family history it would be a good idea to have a baseline. october is national breast cancer awareness month, and as a result, the imaging group handed out long stem roses to every woman who got a mammogram this month. (mine is hot pink! and, currently, a bit wilted.)

after leaving my appointment, i headed over to the biltmore (which was almost just across the street) to view the gardens at the conservatory (and get my money's worth out of my season pass). i had no idea the roses would still be blooming, so i was able to enjoy the fall flowers and summers last hoorah in the rose garden. it is too bad that you can't scratch and sniff these roses. the air was warm and fragrant with a blend of all the roses. the bees were happy today, too, buzzing from flower to flower. after touring the gardens, i walked back in through the conservatory and enjoyed what was in the cool house. i am about to share a lot of pictures. i would have tried to write down the names of the roses, but there were just too many. so just enjoy the pictures (and know there are many more where these came from).

fall flowers

can you imagine planting all of these mums?

summer's remnants
there was a happy bee in this rose

no, it isn't a rose... this summer the pergolas were used for growing cucumbers and zucchini.

the conservatory


anita said...

WOW!!! What gorgeous colors!! I never would have thought that there would be that many roses still in bloom this time of year either. Maybe next fall I'll be able to come back and see them for myself!!!

anita said...

Forget to tell you, Congrats on getting your first mammogram!