here's a sneak "peak"

it is that time of year again! i love fall and all of the changing colors and temperatures that accompany this season. after our camping excursion, jay and i suspected that the mountain leaves would be changing soon. so sunday evening (after i finally woke up from my long nap), we grabbed some dinner and drove up on the blue ridge parkway towards mt. pisgah. we were able to capture some beautiful pictures just before the sun went down. jay took most of these and is slowly beginning to master how to use our camera to the best of its ability. (whereas i am an "auto" sort of picture taker.) here are some of the views from sunday's trip.

today, while jay was working, the dogs and i took another drive up the parkway and got a few more pictures while the sun was still shining. the girls enjoyed the ride, with the wind in their faces, and i enjoyed the drive up and back. mostly. word has definitely gotten around that it is "leaf season" and people were out in droves... my favorites were the ones who thought the overlooks were too crowded, so they just drove slowly past the "pretty views" and the guy who went 20 mph through the tunnels. thankfully, he pulled over so others could pass. anyway... the drive was pleasant and the day was perfect for pictures.


anita said...

Absolutely gorgeous photos! What a pretty fall you're having! The 'girls' look quite content in the car

Kate Hollis said...

Ahhh, fall! I wish I could feel the chill in the air!
This is the one nice thing about my weekly drive to the gas station.... enjoying the vistas on the plateau. But they don't quite compare to this. Gorgeous!

Mary Michael Conkin said...

Wow! Those are amazing shots!