a camping we will go!

we took a little camping trip last night up on mt. pisgah. steven, kelly, and harley came with us, too. even cotton and barley came. we all had a good time except for cotton. and probably kelly and steven while they were trying to sleep (it was cold and they only had 2 sleeping bags and no padding between themselves and the ground.) but cotton did not enjoy herself. she really doesn't like real fires because they make those (nice, lovely) crackling noises. she is still gun-shy so she shakes every time she hears a really loud noise. and barley made sure to growl or bark everytime she heard people walking near us. but we had fun sitting around the fire... including roasting marshmallows. they were yummy. harley even told us a "ghost story." he held his flashlight below his chin and it went something like this... "once upon a time there was a really mean girl. she slumped down a tree and ate everyone's food. and then no one saw her again. muah-ah-ah-ah." it was cute. i, unfortunately, did not get any pictures of him telling his story. kelly did and she got some of the girls so i will have to borrow her memory card and post some of her pictures later this week. jay took a few pictures so you can see them.

and i finished knitting my very first adult-sized hat. i made it to match my scarf that i made last year. i think it turned out pretty well for my first attempt. we tried to get my picture with the mountains in the background, but i was either too dark and you could see the mountains or i was too light and you couldn't see the mountains. so we took one of me next to the fj60 instead. (if you look closely, you can see barley in the back window and cotton in the window behind me!)

(and the leaves are just beginning to change. we are hoping to go up next weekend for some leaf pictures and to maybe catch a sunset.)