laughter is the best medicine.

so maybe it is just me, but it looks like barley is totally cracking up in this picture. (i was uploading a bunch of pictures to walgreens for my recent order and clicked on this one, but when it is smaller, you don't really see the detail. after picking up the pictures, i was thumbing through them and this one made me laugh out loud.) maybe it is because i know the true personalities of my dogs so well. take cotton, for example. the look on her face in this picture is clearly saying, "barley is so stupid. why did you pick this puppy? there were others to choose from. i know there were. clearly, i am a fine specimen of labradors. barley... not so much. she's embarassing me." and sweet barley, is just sitting there with her huge smile, so huge she had to close her cute little eyes, and if dogs could laugh, i think she would be doing so out loud. just like i laugh at her very frequently. so take it from barley and from me, laugh. it'll make you feel better.


Kate Hollis said...

Love it! Too cute. Wish you could really hear their thoughts!

Angel said...

I love it! That is hilarious!

Becca said...

That's adorable! Aiko can totally relate to Cotton. :)