mary's baptism.

oh boy was registration weekend at school a busy one!  the boys were all back and their families were here getting them settled.  it is also the weekend we had mary baptized at church.  we didn't intend for it to be so soon after her birth but our priest was serving his last sunday before a 3 month sabbatical which would put him back during the christmas season.  and we didn't want to plan her baptism during the winter because the weather is so unpredictable and we wanted her grandparents to be present.  so we had everyone in town during registration.  needless to say, it was a busy weekend for everyone!

her baptism was on august 19th which was also the feast day of our church's patron saint- mary.  we attend st. mary's episcopal church in asheville.  it is on the national historic register and is just beautiful.

the priest who married us came in town to help celebrate her baptism which made the day even more special.  jay has known him since college and it truly was a blessing for him to be a part of our wedding and to help us welcome mary into God's family.  mary's godparents, brian and meredith, are friends of ours from church and are expecting a little girl of their own the end of october.  we are blessed to have such sweet friends and mary will have a sweet friend at church her age to play with.  (our church is so small in numbers... this was great timing!)

after church- she was so tired from the weekend activities and no nap that morning.

her mimi made her beautiful dress! 

with her godparents brian and meredith (and baby girl stanley!) 

with the grandparents 

with fr. chris and fr. brent (who calls her princess mary!)


Rebecca Louise. said...

Lovely photos, lovely Mary!!!

Becca said...

Lovely! I love the content smile on her face. She's so precious.