weight watchers- weeks 1 & 2

no, i didn't mean to skip either of these.  i have been afflicted with the worst stomach virus ever.  okay.  probably not really, but it's been pretty horrific.  oh, and jay's had it too.  happy valentine's day, honey.  we get to disinfect our house together.  lovely.


i have lost a total of 5.2 lbs in two weeks.  yeah!  now, most of what i lost the last week was not by any plans of mine.  and at the end of week one i sprained/strained one of my knees.  nice.  so i actually expect to gain weight next week.  maybe.  it wouldn't be a bad thing.  i am definitely going to have to eat what i can tolerate for the next few days.


that's where we stand on the weight loss.  i hope it can continue and that it isn't by the same means as this last week.