for the love of dave

february 6th marked dave's 10th "adoption" birthday.  it doesn't seem like it's been that long.  dave has lived in  4 apartments, 1 condo, and now a house.  he's seen 2 other cats come and go and 1 dog come and go and well, he's stuck with these last two.  (he loves cotton and barley- as evidenced by two of the pics below.)  he's lost a tiny tiny bit of his spunk, but for the most part, he still has lots of energy.  he still loves lounging in the sun and meowing when the water bowl is getting empty.  (he won't drink from a small one.  he has to drink from the 7.5 qt bowl the dogs drink out of.)  he's still sweet and loving and an all around frisky little furball.

 (yes, in the two pics with the dogs, he had been recently shaved.)


anita said...

Sweet Master Dave.