waters are receding in nashville.  they are experiencing lots of sunshine, thankfully, and only have a little bit of rain in their upcoming forecasts so this is a huge blessing as they continue to clean up.  for those of you who read mckmama's blog, she recently sponsored a fund raiser (and a giveaway) and raised enough money to fill an entire semi truck full of food for "feed the children."  she could choose to send this truck anywhere in the united states.  where did she decide to send it you ask?

to nashville.  (you can read about it if you click here.)

here's another video that has been created.  it's not from the news.  it's put together with words from a nashvilian.  thanks for caring, everyone!


Becca said...

Wow. It's almost painful to watch that video. We were so lucky that none of our families were affected by this awful tragedy. It's going to be a long time before things are back to normal, but I'm so proud of my hometown for how it's pulled together. I'm glad that others outside the Nashville/Tennessee community are being made aware of how much recovery needs to be made.