please pray

UPDATE: silas was out of the PICU for a few days, had his chest tube out and everything... was playing and getting close to being back to his normal self. they have now moved him back to PICU and placed a new chest tube because they have determined that the right middle lobe of his lung is necrosed. it will either heal itself or the necrosed part will have to be surgically removed. he is still smiling and playing but not out of the woods. shirin has asked for us to share their prayer requests and thank you for your prayers.

PLEASE PRAY for a sweet little 2-year-old, adorable blonde-headed boy named SILAS. he has been very sick with pneumonia and had surgery on sunday to remove the fluid that was surrounding his right lung. he is currently getting much needed rest and is sedated and on a ventilator. they plan to wake him up this afternoon or maybe still tomorrow. he is doing well, but has been a sick little boy. please also pray for peace and rest for his parents, mark and shirin. (shirin and i work together.) i appreciate you for praying and i know they appreciate the prayers.


Rebecca Louise. said...

I hope he has gotten better since this post. Is he okay!? Poor little man!:( xxx