new project

hey there, readers. thanks for keeping up with the blog even though it's been ages since i've posted anything. okay. so really just 3 weeks, but that is a pretty big lull in activity. truthfully, not much has been going on around here. just the same old stuff. work. sleep. clean. cook. play with dogs. exercise. speaking of exercise, i had been stuck at the same weight for about 3 weeks. this is called "hitting a plateau." well, i definitely did that. so, finally, this week, i lost a total of -1.6 lbs. yeah! moving on past that weight feels great. now i just need to keep on that trend and find some good workout dvd's for winter (or today when it has rained all day- thanks, ida). i'll take your suggestions anytime on those.

next week i am going to tackle painting our bedroom. i have also found some very cute and fabulously inexpensive bedding to give us an updated look, too. i love finding something i can just toss into my washer instead of having to have it dry cleaned or take it to a laundromat. surprisingly enough, i found it at kmart. it'll be great having our room look like, well, a bedroom instead of a mix and match of what it is now. the paint color is in the eddie bauer collection. it is called "beach." our room is pretty big and i think the darker, warm brown will make the room feel more cozy. i will definitely post pictures as it all comes together. (i think painting our room will serve as my indoor workout for next week...)


anita said...

I like both the wall color & the bedding for your room!

(I like the blog background too.... HOO-HOO!)

Rebecca Louise. said...

Man I love that look! It looks cosy and but really warm :) x