no, i didn't forget the "u" in burp. we went driving on the blue ridge parkway (brp) yesterday up towards craggy gardens. it was closed down last year due to part of the road falling off the side of the mountain near craggy. they are now repaving part of the brp so part of it was shut down to one lane complete with a "pilot car" to lead us through the construction zone, but it was still nice to be on the other side of things. i didn't take a lot of pictures, but i will share what i have...

we thought the tree in the middle was interesting with the way it bends

jay was trying to see if the waterfall was flowing... it wasn't.

i love the way the clouds cast shadows over the mountains

it was about 20 degrees cooler up on the parkway.  a nice change for the afternoon.


Rebecca Louise. said...

I need scenery like that where I live. Looks like you had a great time! x