summer visitation

my mom and dad came in this past weekend to visit. this is their first trip back since we have been living in the new house. it was fun to show it off and spend some time with them. the dogs sure have missed them and i am pretty sure cotton gave them extra licks to last them until they return. :) we took them to lake lure and we enjoyed a boat tour there. we also spent a little time downtown hendersonville as well as a farewell brunch at mayfel's in downtown asheville. mom snapped a few pictures of us at the house, and i have a few from lake lure. it was a wonderful visit- i just wish it could have lasted longer. maybe next time.

me and mom with one of the bears of h'ville

jay taking down the flag for the day

sweet cotton and barley (with her eyes closed)

jay didn't seem to notice that mom was taking a picture of everyone...

the boat tour of lake lure was nice and it was interesting learning about some of its history. it is home to the lake lure inn and spa, which dates back to the 1920's.

lake lure is home of where part of dirty dancing was filmed. the scene where she is walking down the stairs with the watermelon and the water scene practicing the lift were both filmed in one of the coves. we learned that the water scene was filmed in november and they were all freezing cold.

the stairs are in the center (click on the picture and it will open up larger for you)

and i would really hate it to have enough money (think millions) to live here every summer in one of these small homes...

and i would hate it if this was my view when i stepped out on my porch every day, too...

we also learned that there is a town at the bottom of the lake, including a church and cemetery. it is a man-made lake and the town of buffalo was flooded. but with the lake came the generation of power (i.e. a dam) and this was back in the day when the tva was flooding many things, and while not a part of that, it was also flooded. (i am sure i don't have all of this correct, but you get the idea.) it was a lovely boatride and we learned some interesting tidbits that we didn't already know. who can complain?


anita said...

It was a wonderful visit and we did learn new things on the lake tour. the last picture is buffalo mountain on the left, and just behind it if you look closely the silhouette of a 'woman lying on her side' - 1st peak (behind buffalo mtn. -her head, then her shoulder and her hips) before going behind the group of trees to the right!! These that I mentioned are 2 of 7 that are seen from the lake!! Absolutely gorgeous!!!! There's always something different to see in the mountains of the Blue Ridge when we go for a visit and WE hope to stay longer next time too!!

Brad and Becca said...

Beautiful lake pictures! Looks like a nice tour. I'm surprised your dad didn't try to catch the big one while you were out on the boat.

The girls have a look of pure bliss on their faces. Looks like they love grandma and grandpa.