birthday card

so my birthday is wednesday. yep. the 22nd. i will be 30, for those of you who don't know. i will also be at work. (in fact, i will be at work tonight, wed, and thursday. but no worries.) anyway, my dear neighbors made me dinner last night and we had a delicious cake, too. harley made me a birthday card. it is the first card i have received this year and i love it. take a look...

i am sure you can see my name, the hearts, harley's name and the "i love you"

here is the left side... the brown shape is barley, there is a yellow cotton, and i am above them.

and on the back he drew himself, his mom, and his dad.

i love it. :)


Carolyn said...

That is too cute. Happy Birthday hun, hope you have a good one. X.

anita said...

Harley is so sweet! What a special gift to you.

HAPPY 30TH !!!! I sang to you this morning at the exact time of your "arrival", (to myself) and didn't realize it was the actual time until I looked at the clock.... I love you very much.

Angel said...

welcome to the 30s! We're glad you finally made it! ;(

Brad and Becca said...

That is so cute! I love the family portrait. :)

I hope you had a great birthday. I'm hoping your present gets there soon- it was backordered. :(