our christmas tree

ok. i have now tried to make this post happen 3 times. i will blame it on my allergies/cold. :) we put our tree up last wednesday night. the dogs are still trying to figure out why we have a tree inside the house. dave, however, is used to christmas trees and is loving having a tree again. if he could talk, i think he would say this is his favorite time of year. a special blanket (tree skirt) beneath a tree... he is in kitty heaven. we haven't put up a big tree since jay and i have been together... only little trees. so dave has missed them and the dogs have never seen them. they don't bother it too much. thank goodness! it definitely makes it seem a bit more like christmas in our house.

dave checking the tree out

the girls watching as i put the lights on

the finished product


Brad and Becca said...

Aw, it looks so pretty! I love the kids' stockings. :) Is Dave's a fish? The tree looks so full. Nice job! :)

Angel said...

very pretty tree!

Kate Hollis said...

Cute!! You're ready for Santa!

anita said...

The tree is beautiful!!! Nice job on the decorating! It does look a lot like Christmas at the Conkin house!