a little time in tennessee

yes, it is true.  i am in franklin.  live and in person!  i am just beginning my last full day in tennessee (car mechanic willing) and should be heading back to NC tomorrow. (i drove our 1999 land cruiser here in order to have the timing belt changed.  why here?  because we have a great mechanic here who saves us lots of money... worth the drive!)   it has been a short but definitely good trip "home."  i have completed most of my christmas shopping and have spent lots of good time with my family so far.  did i mention i have eaten a lot, too?  yeah.  saturday evening i had dinner with the dennis side of the family at sportsman's grill.  good food and good company.  sunday i had breakfast with my parents and my aunt janice at cracker barrel.  my grandparents came over to mom and dad's on sunday afternoon to visit and we watched some of the titans game on TV.  then we spent the evening with (my brother) phil, (my sister-in-law) samantha, and (my niece) courtney.  we had our christmas together and exchanged gifts and had a lot of fun watching courtney open and enjoy her presents.  i made her an apple hat and bought her some elmo house shoes/slippers.  she loved both of them.  she will be two at the end of january, which was showing in her inability to sit still for long periods of time.  however, it made the evening much more enjoyable, having an active little one there to enjoy the fun part of christmas.

courtney really liked phoebe's new toys (cotton and barley got her a bad cuz and a nylabone)

courtney trying to figure out why elmo is on her feet (and a great shot of the apple hat!).

she enjoyed pulling the hat down as far as she could....

...to the point where she walked around with it over her eyes.

attempt at a self picture

this is the cutest elmo toy ever (she got that from her pops and mimi)

today i am going to visit my favorite hair stylist, kristie, because i am stealing mom's appointment at a moment's peace (she really can't go) and then i am going to meet mandy and rachel at stoveworks in the factory  (yummy!), followed by some shopping with mom.  it should be a fun and busy day!


Rachel said...

Stacie, it was very enjoyable reading your blog and catching up on your fascinating life! You are a terrific writer/photographer and an inspiration to me! Thanks for being my best friend since Kindergarten!


PS- Maybe when I get my Mac I can start a blog! At this point, I would probably take my computer out back and beat it with a bat (picture Office Space and fax machine) if I tried anything as "high-tech" as blogging! Facebook is enough of a challenge! Oh, how did we ever survive without a computer?!

Brad and Becca said...

Hey Stace! I hope you guys had fun at lunch. Too bad we couldn't have hooked up while you were here. Next time! Sounds like you had fun on this trip. Love ya!