meet orion.

this sweet baby is orion. he is matt and alicia's new "gsd" (as jay calls him), their german shepherd dog. he is 8 weeks old and, so far, hasn't given them too much trouble. alicia has been wanting a puppy for a long time and jay and i think that after one night with barley a few weeks ago, they just had to get their own! okay. so that probably isn't exactly the way it went, but regardless, they have a sweet new baby. he came over to our house last night to meet the girls while we all ate dinner. he was slowly introduced and cotton and barley demonstrated that they can play easy and gentle with him and cotton even reluctantly shared her tennis ball with him. orion even met dave and seemed curious about the creature he knew wasn't a dog, but was his size. it was a successful meeting, and we can't wait to watch him grow up!

(tired) orion. he really likes the back door. (anyone's back door.)

our three, closely watching. (and getting lots of attention.)