it really did snow!

so last tuesday, after a monday of wind gusting up to 50 mph, we had some snow. i admit that i was sleeping during the snowfall here at our house. jay took these pictures. (i slept late b/c it was my first night going back to work for the week.) it was still very windy last tuesday, so nothing stuck on anything for long down here. however, in the higher elevations, especially in madison county, it accumulated anywhere from 3-8 inches! in october! craziness. and it has been so nice and warm almost since then. here is proof that we did, in fact, have snow on october 28th.

the wind was blowing so hard on monday night the flag was straight out.

i told you we had snow!

our backyard view has changed a bit, too, with the addition of many new homes.

the lot next to us is still empty, and we hope it stays that way for awhile.


Mary Michael Conkin said...

I just love snow! I wish it would make its way to Knoxville!!!