a story by cotton

hi. this is cotton. my mom said i could tell you all a story and she would help me with the pictures so here it is. the other day, my mom decided we could feed the squirrels that live behind our apartment. so we put some peanuts on the porch. (ok mom... now we need a picture.)

see? those are the peanuts. and then we just waited. all three of us. you know, me and barley and dave. he likes to hide in the blinds. but me and barley can't fit in between those. we are too big. and this time, barley was tired and decided to rest while we waited. oh, and mom waited with us too. (ok mom... more pictures now.)

yep. that's us waiting for the squirrels. and it took them awhile to find the peanuts, but they finally did. actually, a bird found them first. but it only took one. it was a cute little bird. and we got really excited.

and then finally, the squirrels came!!! two of them. they took turns. one of them was really fat! and the other one buried some peanuts in the ground to save for later. and me and barley just sat and watched. we tried not to move but we were sooo excited.

see, this is the really fat one. and he ate a lot, too. which is probably why he is fat.

and this one is burying one to save for later. he is much skinnier than the other one. maybe because he can't find the ones he buries.

here is the skinny one again. he decided to eat some, too.

haha, we steamed up the glass while we watched for the squirrels to come. and mom had just cleaned the window the day before. oops!

barley is almost as big as me, see? she likes watching the squirrels as much as me, too.

mom took this picture with the new camera. it takes really good pictures. you can even see how shiny barley is. this time, i was tired of sitting so i laid down for awhile.

i think me and barley look cute sitting together. i made mom take that one. but she didn't mind. she was practicing with the new camera she and dad got for christmas. they really like. they like it so much that they won't stop taking pictures of me and barley. even dave. but anyway. we had fun feeding the squirrels. i hope you liked the pictures and my story. i am glad mom let me write on here. well, with her help. barley wanted to tell the story but she didn't really know how so she just said for me to tell you she said hi and that she likes to watch squirrels and birds, too. ok. that's it. bye. love, cotton.


Becca said...

I LOVE THE STORY!!! Cotton, you are an excellent writer at such a young age! And I agree with your mama, the pictures of you and Barley together from behind are adorable!!! I'd be practicing with my new camera, too! Your Nashville dopplegangers, Aggie & Aiko say 'hi'!