the joys of toys

well, cotton, barley, and dave got petsmart gift cards from their pops (aka dad/jerry) for christmas. so today, after picking the girls up from sparky's, we went to petsmart for some toy shopping. we even picked dave up a little something and will have to go back to get more for him. but the girls picked out new nylabones and a christmas tug-of-war toy. and dave got some little weeble wobble birds, which he loves. so i thought we would share some pictures of how christmas is shaping up for the animals. (dave is even helping me write this right now... he is in my lap between me and the computer. so helpful...)

a close up of dave's wobble chickens... so cute.
dave in attack mode, playing with his new toys. he loves them!
action shot... dave doesn't tend to play this hard, so he gets lots of pictures this go-around.
cotton enjoying their new rope toy...
barley could hardly keep her eyes open to play with anything.

both girls gave up about 15 minutes after we got home. they got to play at sparky's for about 5 days and are worn out. it is worth every penny! but the animals say thanks to pops for a fun christmas filled with new toys.