15 months.

My dear, sweet Mary,

You are keeping me so busy that you are now 17 months old and I am just now writing this post.  A lot has happened since your birthday and I don't even know where to begin.

You are running all over the place.  Climbing too.  You are a busy little bee!  You are into everything...  You say a few words here and there and understand most everything we tell you.  We keep waiting for you to really talk but I am afraid once you do, you won't ever be quiet.  You jabber a lot in "toddler" but not a lot of real words.  You do say mama and dada, yes, what?, shake your head no and yes.  You can say the number six and fish.  You can make the animal sounds for a dog, cow, cat and sometimes a chicken.

You love to dance and sing songs.  Your favorite songs right now are the ABC's and Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes.  You can point correctly to your head, toes, belly, nose, ears, eyes, and mouth.  You are now in daycare, "school," and are still getting used to it.  You love your teacher, Miss Joanne, and enjoy playing with other kids your age and working on your art projects.  You also love to read your books.  Your favorite characters are Spot and Mickey Mouse.

At your 15 month check up, you weighed 24 pounds and you were 32 inches tall.  You are about 90% for your weight and height.  You still weigh about 24 pounds but I think you are growing taller, still.  You are still a good eater and eat what we eat most of the time.

You have such a sweet, outgoing personality.  You are loving and share smiles and hugs but are starting to play shy & coy sometimes.  You are funny and seem to love to make us laugh.  You love the dogs and get excited when we say we are going home (if we are out) and you bark knowing you will see your "sisters."

We love you and still enjoy watching you develop into who you are.